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Welcome University Of Maryland Baltimore County Students

What is Roommate Finder?

Roommate Finder is a complimentary service designed for students to find suitable roommates based on a matching profiles of potential roommates. Roommate Finder helps match you and your potential new roommate by factors such as gender, studies, cleanliness, energy level, wake & sleep times, smoking, diet and other preferences.

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Welcome UMBC Students & Landlords

Since 2012, UMBC has provided both our students and local landlords an online database of student rentals and our Roommate Finder matching service to better serve students needing quality, safe off-campus housing in the Baltimore area.

It is always free for students, faculty and staff and landlords always receive their first 30 day listing free.

Thank you for supporting UMBC student housing.Please note as you search for housing in private houses in Baltimore County: Baltimore County law prohibits more than two unrelated adults from living together unless the unit is authorized by the county as a rooming or boarding house. This law applies only to residential rental properties with one to six units. Larger rental complexes are covered by other county laws and regulations that ensure the safety and well-being of their tenants.